Hey, I'm Geoffrey 🙂

Geoffrey is a South African based illustrator that works primarily in digital art. He is the Creative Director and web developer at Blaze Web Studio for the last 12 years. He has a depth of experience in online marketing, graphic design, and web development. 

Recently he has rediscovered his artistic talents and is currently working on illustrating and writing his own children's book series.  As a child, he grew up with no TV in the home, so reading was the world he grew up with regularly visiting the local public library.  As one of 9 siblings, many children's books were readily available to devour and enjoy. Drawing was also a regular part of his daily routine, often experimenting with pencil, watercolor, and pastel.

After illustrating and creating numerous logos for his clients, he decided to pick up his childhood skill of drawing explore illustration more seriously. A prolific learner and ever the eternal student, Geoffrey is very excited to make a career shift into the illustration world.  Every evening, and the spare moments found in between are spent learning, practicing, and honing skills.